Pinterest is very popular in lifestyle blogging circles, and therefore a good platform to try to reach prospective tenants or those who influence them. Users will share “pins” or images linked to a website and pin them to their own personal boards on their profile. The site is where most go for ideas, inspiration or tips on decoration.

You can use it to share photos of your units or amenities on your properties or to offer pro tips for things like apartment living or gardening.

  • 100 Million active monthly users
  • 85% Female
  • 42% of U.S. women use Pinterest
  • 30% of social media users are on Pinterest
  • 2Billion searches on Pinterest per month
  • 5% of referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest
  • Male users have grown by 120% in the past year


  • Try to pin at least a few times a week in order to help grow your follower base and drive traffic to your profile.
  • This can include both repinning from other’s boards and creating your own pins to add to your board.
  • Following other businesses will also help you to grow your follower base and provide you with more content to repin!
  • When creating your own pins, make sure you link back to your website. For example, when creating a pin from your blog, be sure to include that link to the blog post. This is how you will drive traffic from Pinterest to your website.


  • Sharing pins that are helpful and interesting to your audience will help you find success with the platform.
  • Consider creating different boards with topics such as interior design, recipes, or household tips.
  • Pinterest is also a great place to pin your apartment listings. Be sure that you are linking your listing site to them!


Once you have established your boards and gained a modest following of users, you may want to consider putting spend behind some of your pins. Try promoting a listing or a blog post with a small amount of spend. Include a call to action (something you want the viewers to do) and track clicks and engagement you receive, to see if it is worth your money.